Site Checklist app

Create standardized company checklist templates for your workers and contractors to use across a job site. Gain real-time information about your construction worksite and make informed decisions, track the status of safety and quality issues instantly. Stay mobile and have access on a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete audits from anywhere, at anytime.

Probably the most complete Site Checklist app available yet. Start from today.

Magitech Checklist site inspection app has the largest collection of construction checklists. You can choose a checklist that matches your site requirements or create your own templates from scratch. Build checklists to facilitate your requirements and create templates for conducting your inspections.
With the tap of a finger, send off instant reports to your office project supervisor or client issuing daily reports straight from your smartphone device. You can also replace your paperwork with Magitech checklists and reports. Magitech allows construction workers to capture images throughout the construction site and add them to report increase the level of detail and accuracy in your reports.
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Remote flexibility

Empower workers to conduct audits from anywhere at anytime.

Improved awareness

Instantly create corrective and preventive action plans during audits.

Precise data

Enhance the quality of audits through images files.

Time saving

Save time through audit guide notes directly available from the app.

Avoid risks

Identify operational risks that can lead to non-compliance weknesses.

Efficient scaling

Lift operational efficiency by discovering potential opportunities.

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